How to organize a bookcase

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how to organize a bookcase

15 Ways To Organize Your Bookshelves, For Every Personality Type

Clients regularly ask for advice on ways to organize their bookshelves. First of all, decide how you want to organize your collection. There are many ways to organize books. If you do not care much for the fancy stuff, do a basic bookshelf clean-up and organization:. If you only have a handful of books, you do not need a detailed organizing system. Have a little fun and organize by color. If you have tens or hundreds, a simple way to organize is by subject, size or both.
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How to style a shelf - 10 Easy tips for bookshelf styling 📚(ad)

12 Clever Ways to Organize Your Book Collection

For those of us who cling to print, the topic of bookshelf organization seems to trigger a strong reaction. Why do we care so much about our shelving systems and those of others? But there are plenty of ways to organize books other than alphabetical or by color. A fine, no-nonsense option favored by bookstores and libraries, as well as Yanagihara. But organizing books by color and spine height is often derided because it seems to rate books by their external features, rather than their contents.

Of course we do—books are great! Behold, the things I tried, the things that failed, and the things that worked in my journey to learn how to organize bookshelves with a lot of books. Alphabetizing is one of the most obvious options, and is likely the best way if you want to quickly find a particular book. As with any organizational method, there are pros and cons to this choice. You can arrange your books by whatever genres you have, such as:.

Pro Tip: Before you organize your books, you may want to declutter. Divide your hardbacks and paperbacks for a cleaner, more streamlined look on your bookshelves. Pro Tip: If you like color-coordinating your books, try doing it to your wardrobe, too. Keeping all your books in neat rows is a thing of the past. You can stack by theme, cover, or size, and keep stacks on their own or use them to break up a row.

Find inspiration for your own shelves and bookcases in these great photos. Give bathroom shelves an organized look by grouping together.
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The pros and cons of organizing by genre

How To Create More Space On Your Shelf!

Organizing a bookshelf can be fun, either for your librarian side or your inner interior decorator. There are several go-to methods for sorting books, but quite a few alternatives let you experiment with appearance and function. To organize a bookshelf, try organizing it by size, with the tallest books on the bottom and the shortest books on the top. Alternatively, you can make a fiction and a nonfiction pile, and sort your fiction books by author or genre and your nonfiction books by topic. Or, you can sort your books from largest to smallest, by color, or by frequency of use. To learn how to decorate a bookshelf, scroll down! To create this article, 39 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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  1. Beyond their practical role—organizing those things we used before Kindles and iPads—bookshelves can serve as handsome display cases. Here's how to.

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