How to make a bookshelf look nice

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how to make a bookshelf look nice

How-To Make a Laminate Bookcase Look Like a Built-In Bookshelf - Jenna Burger

Create little vignettes. Make books look special by lining up a few vertically on top of a horizontal stack. Or hang a small print behind another object, like a lamp. These groupings let your things shine. Empty space is important too. In a few key spots, breathing room keeps full shelves from appearing cluttered. The shelf above this was packed, so I kept open space below it.
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Published 04.01.2020

9 Stylish Ways To Organize Your Bookshelf

Here are some tips and some inspiration photos to make your bookshelf as stylish but you could also include a sea fan, a beautiful seashell or even an air plant. larger pieces (like I do) on the shelves themselves for an English library look.

How To Make Your Bookshelves Beautiful

Now that the outdoor spaces are pretty much complete for the Summer season, today I want to jump back indoors to share a project with you that I worked on when revamping the living room earlier this year. This DIY endeavour was something I had always dreamt about, but never had the guts courage to tackle. If you remember back just a day ago… being afraid of failure can put a hinderness on creating something really great. When the time came to jazz up the wall of the fireplace, I knew it had to be built-ins. But custom built-ins are major money! Thus the creation of how I made this laminate bookcase look like a custom built-in bookshelf … times 2.

Last week I made a little day trip down to Indianapolis to do some decorating with my sister…Can you imagine a day more fun than that?! She and her husband bought and renovated their home about a year and a half ago, and she wanted to focus on decorating some of the areas in her house that were still, well, undecorated. The area we chose to focus on on that particular day was the open shelving unit next to her fireplace. Here is a look at the shelves before we began. These open shelves are removable and adjustable, and I had actually already suggested that she remove one of the shelves before I took this picture. Before she removed one of the shelves they were too close together, which really limited what we could do with them. After she took one of the shelves out as you can see below we now had more height per shelf to work with.

Step 1: Preparing the Vertical Boards 1

How To Decorate & Personalize Your Bookshelf

Whether you have few, or many books in your possession, the real trick is to arrange them in a way that is visually appealing as their contents. Here, she takes us on a tour of the most beautiful and beguiling bookcases to inspire your library-in-the-making. Stack them on ottomans, mantelpieces and obviously coffee tables, like the owner of this flat in Pimlico. The other thing to note in this space: piles of floor-stacked books look great if you run out of room on shelves. Beata Heuman is one of the top interior designers to watch this year. Just see these built-in bookshelves in the kitchen of her London flat. Note the built-in wine-rack - genius.

I'm quite happy with that fact that the first piece of furniture I built is a bookshelf. I wanted to make something large enough to keep all my books, and stylish at the same time. I like somewhat futuristic and organic designs with plenty curved lines, and you can see that in this shelf. Generally the aim was to make it look as if it was a part of the wall, or came out of the wall. It's really a relatively easy project, not much work is needed, although some precision will be useful.

Someone is hiding them from us! All the styled bookshelves are devoid of books! Bookshelves are shelves… for books. I thought? Design by Meyer Interiors But um.

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