Pioneer dolby atmos bookshelf speakers

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pioneer dolby atmos bookshelf speakers

SP-BS22A-LR - Compact Speakers for Dolby Atmos® Designed by Andrew Jones | Pioneer Electronics USA

Immerse yourself in the best of home cinema with a three dimensional sound experience that only Pioneer Elite with Dolby Atmos can deliver. Working in unison with your favorite Atmos-enabled content, Pioneer Elite plunges you directly into the movie scene with unprecedented localized sound. You experience a sense of motion, enveloping you in a three-dimensional space, expanding the sound field to new acoustic heights. Laboriously extracting each detail and note, producing the same sound quality exactly as Dolby Atmos engineers expect. Only Pioneer Elite gives you the customization so you can tune your listening environment for the absolute best reproduction of the Dolby Atmos experience. The new realm of multi-dimensional sound begins with a Dolby Atmos compatible Pioneer Elite receiver combined with:. Pioneer Elite receivers deliver the critical multi-channel processing and necessary power required to fully create the Dolby Atmos effects.
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Published 17.07.2019

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Review!

Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73-LR Dolby Atmos Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Most Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers use a single, full-range upward-firing driver to produce a ceiling-speaker effect. But speaker designer Andrew Jones knew a single driver could never deliver true high-fidelity sound. This design allows Andrew to highlight the details in action movie sequences as well as your favorite music tracks. The SP-BS22A-LR incorporates a true multi-element crossover to route high frequencies to the tweeter and lower frequencies to the woofer. This circuit allows the speakers to sound equally great in stereo, 5.

Imagine expanding your sonic landscape, creating a true 3D, multi-dimensional space that puts you inside the listening experience! These Elite Home Theater Speakers will change the way you listen, and the proof is in the hearing. The Elite Compact Speakers are suitable for use as both front-channel and rear-channel speakers in the most sophisticated surround-sound system. While most compact speakers compromise performance with a two-way design that requires the bass driver to reproduce a range of frequencies beyond its capabilities, Andrew Jones has designed the Elite Compact Speakers to be a true, three-way design, so each major frequency band is represented with a separate high-, midrange and low-frequency driver. A Pioneer product has to be special to carry the Elite name, and the latest Elite Home Theater Speakers are just that. They are designed to take advantage of advancements in engineering, transducer technology and of course, groundbreaking Dolby Atmos sound.

View Previous Models. A top firing concentric driver creating a true 3D space putting you directly inside the experience. From shimmering highs, detailed midrange and truly authoritative bottom end, these speakers deliver seamless bass control. Gently curved sides eliminate standing waves encountered in typical square-box designs. Minimize internal and external vibrations while maintaining a small footprint in your space.

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It has a three-way design with a 5. Build-quality standards are high. The Bad Treble forwardness can expose poor recordings. In we listened to, and very much liked, the Bowers and Wilkins S2 stand-mount speakers. So much so, we gave them an Editors' Choice Award. The Elite SP-EBSLRs were submitted to us as part of an Atmos surround set that included a pair of floor-standers, but we were immediately struck by the smaller speaker's capabilities. These are no shrinking violet surrounds, but rather full-blooded stand-mount superstars.

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