Dork diaries book 9 quiz

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dork diaries book 9 quiz

Dork Diaries 9, Free Quizzes about Books & Trivia, Free Quizzes about Books & Trivia

Do you have any fun, exciting or interesting ideas for what I can post here? Would one of you like to be a guest blogger for the week and write something for me to post here? Please provide your ideas in the comments below! What if Mackenzie starts a rumor about you and you try to clear it up?? Or a quiz of how well you know Dork Diaries with a prize.
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A Crush Catastrophe! DORK DIARIES 12 Book Trailer

How much do you remember from Dork Diaries Book #1?

Looking for free online books? Explore thousands of titles and read books online for free. Dork Diaries 9 Searching for Dork Diaries 9? Do you need Dork Diaries 9 related questions and answers? Dork Diaries 9. Have fun.

Are You A Dork?
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Why did Mackenzie post pictures of Andre and Nikki on the internet? Mackenzie wanted Brandon to think they were a couple and hate Nikki. Mackenzie thought that Andre and Nikki would make a great couple. Brandon posted the pictures, not Mackenzie. Tiffany and Andre wanted to make Mackenzie jealous. Why did Mackenzie act kind towards Nikki at the end of the book? Mackenzie wanted to be friends with Nikki.

Ever wanted your very own Dork Diary? Well, grab a notebook and your favourite pen and get ready to make your own Dork Diary! Use the questions in this book that Nikki Maxwell has created just for you to help you write your very own daily dairy. As Nikki Maxwell knows, keeping a journal is a great way to get to know the most important person in your life: YOU! This special Dork Diaries guided journal features questions for every day of the year.

Questions are in short answer format and come with an answer key. They're particularly helpful for students who struggle to pass their AR or SRC quizzes, but they could also be used in self-guided reading groups or when reading as a class. The key is for students to answer the question for each chapter before moving on in their reading, which helps them reinforce their understanding of the text. Because there are no chapter breaks in the Dork Diaries books, I've divided each book into four sections and included a few questions per section. The sections are clearly labeled on the questions sheet.

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