Insiders book of secrets pdf

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insiders book of secrets pdf

insiders book of secrets the real cures buried by clinton's cartel HSI | eBay

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. There is a proven natural cure for cancer called sour honey, but pharmaceutical companies and politicians are trying to keep it under wraps for financial gain. Until it was recently tested in a lab and delivered these near-miraculous results. There are even over lab studies on Sour Honey and cancer — with remarkable results! We have a natural, safe way to beat cancer. Probably the first thing to clarify is the fact that sour honey is not, in fact, honey in any sense of the term.
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Self-Discipline - Why It’s Important & How to Master Self-Control

Insider's Book of SECRETS The real cures buried by Clinton's Cartel ().

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Since last November , almost every other day, someone would ask through our website where they could buy sour honey. It was mentioned as a cancer cure in some of these queries. I stopped replying to these posts when I realised there was no way to ascertain if these questions were really genuine or made up by the people who were attempting to snowball the effect of their fake content. I have no idea how this search for sour honey started, but when I googled "sour honey", the first video link that returned was "Sour Honey, the Cancer Cure", which was probably the source of this viral message. I suggest that you don't google for it and click on this video as this would only increase the views of the video and help these unsavoury characters make more money online from Google ads. And the video went on to claim how this Cartel and the FDA have tried to push for deadly pharmaceutical drugs, discredit natural cures such as this cancer-curing sour honey and ensure that they stay a secret. The video ended abruptly, making no mention of where to purchase this sour honey.

An insider is a member of any group of people of limited number and generally restricted access. The term is used in the context of secret, privileged, hidden or otherwise esoteric information or knowledge: an insider is a "member of the gang " hence knows things outsiders don't, including insider jargon. In our complicated and information-rich world, the concept of insider knowledge is popular and pervasive, as a source of direct and useful guidance. In a given situation, an insider is contrasted with an outside expert : the expert can provide an in-depth theoretical analysis that should lead to a practical opinion, while an insider has firsthand, material knowledge. Insider information may be thought of as more accurate and valuable than expert opinion. In criminal and social justice , whistle-blowing and leaks are seen as often heroic efforts of individual insiders to right wrongs by making secret information public, usually in David and Goliath situations e.

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