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the book of enki free download

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Zecharia Sitchin is an internationally acclaimed author and researcher whose books offer evidence that we are not alone in our own solar system. One of a handful of scholars able to read the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, he has combined archaeology, ancient texts, and the Bible with the latest scientific discoveries to retell the history and prehistory of mankind and planet Earth. His trailblazing books have been translated into more than twenty languages; his first one, an oft-quoted classic, celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its publication. A graduate of the University of London and a journalist and editor in Israel for many years, he now lives and writes in New York. Over the years, startling evidence has been unearthed, challenging established notions of the origins of Earth and life on it and suggesting the existence of a superior race
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Zecharia Sitchin

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Zecharia Sitchin July 11, — October 9, [1] was an author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki , which he stated was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He asserted that Sumerian mythology suggests that this hypothetical planet of Nibiru is in an elongated, 3,year-long elliptical orbit around the sun. Sitchin's books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages. Sitchin's ideas have been rejected by scientists and academics, who dismiss his work as pseudoscience and pseudohistory.

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Splashing down in one of Earth's seas, they waded ashore and established Eridu, "Home in the Faraway. The Deluge that catastrophically swept over the Earth required a fresh start; the astronauts became gods, granting Mankind civilization, teaching it to worship. Then, about four thousand years ago, all that had been achieved unraveled in a nuclear calamity, brought about by the visitors to Earth in the course of their own rivalries and wars. What had taken place on Earth, and especially the events since human history began, has been culled by Zecharia Sitchin, in his The Earth Chronicles Series, from the Bible, clay tablets, ancient myths, and archaeological discoveries. But what had preceded the events on Earth-what had taken place on the astronauts' own planet Nibiru that caused the space journeys, the need for gold, the creation of Man.

These downloads are for education only. Interesting books because these are views of people who are not understood or maybe taken down by organizations like, for example, the Freemason. Let me make myself clear: I do not promote their point of views neither what is written here. But, we people of the planet earth have the right to know the whole story. Not only the story which is brought into the world by some groups who pretend to stand above the human of flesh and blood. Please read these books carefully and with a clear view and maybe you see what is really going on, on this world.

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