Best crime fiction books 2016

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best crime fiction books 2016

The best crime books and thrillers of | Books | The Guardian

Photograph: Jan Cobb. Photograph: Aidan Crawley. Danny Lynch, a veteran of two tours of Iraq, meets his doppelganger on the streets of New York. The result is a powerful psychological thriller of institutional corruption braided with ancient folkloric motifs. Ann Cleeves maintained her high standards with the atmospheric Cold Earth.
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Four Best Thriller/Suspense Reads from 2016

The Best Crime Books of 2017

An epic war novel — the war being that waged against drugs by the United States — it takes up where The Power of the Dog left off. The multi-screen narrative spans to — the years when Mexican drug runners transformed themselves into media-savvy moguls complete with their own private armies. At heart a lethal battle between two men — former best buddies now on either side of the law — it is a mind-blowing tale of staggering brutality and extraordinary bravery. A brotherhood of maverick cops come to blows when a killer who escaped justice one of the whites of the title is found dead. One way or another the past catches up with all of the men.

The best crime novels of 2016:

Please refresh the page and retry. A guide to the best crime fiction of Updated monthly. T his is an unusual thriller set on the fringes of the modern art world that is dark, haunting, twisted - and, in its own way, unforgettable. It centres on Mia, an art student in Nottingham, who gets seduced by Jack Flood, the cold, heartless enfant terrible of modern art. She goes back to his hotel room, has a drink and the next thing she knows, she is waking up in a state of undress on the bed. Will her forgotten night in his hotel room end up in a gallery somewhere?

The Goodreads Choice Awards have three rounds of voting open to all registered Goodreads members. Winners will be announced December 06, Voting opens to 15 official nominees, and write-in votes can be placed for any eligible book see eligibility below. The top five write-in votes in each of the categories become official nominees. Additional write-ins no longer accepted. The field narrows to the top 10 books in each category, and members have one last chance to vote! Books published in the United States in English, including works in translation and other significant rereleases, between November 16, , and November 15, , are eligible for the Goodreads Choice Awards.

Another year, another twelve months of brilliant books! Instead we enlisted the help of some true experts when it comes to crime writing — the authors themselves! Liz Nugent , author of Lying in Wait :. I thoroughly enjoyed Girl Unknown by Karen Perry. Middle class academic, David, is on the brink of promotion but is surprised when a new student introduces herself as his daughter. The young girl, Zoe, infiltrates his home, wreaking havoc on his already fragile marriage and dangerously influencing the lives of his two teenage children.

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