Yoruba proverbs and their translations pdf

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yoruba proverbs and their translations pdf

Some Strong Yoruba Proverbs and Their Meanings - Gistmania

Amazon wishlist. Yoruba Proverbs by Oyekan Owomoyela. Our Assessment: -- : exhaustive collection, interesting and overwhelming. The complete review 's Review :. With of them, presented according to subject-matter and each section then arranged alphabetically, it is an encyclopaedic collection -- a reference work more than anything else. The idea is simple enough, on some level -- like English proverbs -- but it's a lot of material for readers not familiar with Yoruba culture to digest, and Owomoyela takes a fairly academic approach: this is a scholarly text, and in the introduction, especially, he doesn't let you forget that. In the introduction Owomoyela also explains the choices he made in selection and presentation, on everything from orthography "I have departed from some current practices" to the use of dialects he balked and citing sources attribution seemed both unrealistic and antithetical to the project.
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Oro Agba - Words of Wisdom via Yoruba Proverbs

proverbs in their various occasions and situations make them fascinating . The „ shortness‟, meaning brevity involves from the Yoruba belief.

Yoruba Proverbs

A child lacks wisdom, and some say that what is important is that the child does not die; what kills more surely than lack of wisdom? A foolish child is not much better than a dead child. A sacrifice was prescribed for the vulture, but it refused to sacrifice; a sacrifice was prescribed for the ground-hornbill, but it declined to sacrifice; a sacrifice was prescribed for the pigeon, and it gathered the prescribed materials and made the sacrifice. The vulture and the ground-hornbill are unfortunate in comparison with the pigeon, because they did not carry out the prescribed sacrifice. We grab a dog with the hands and it escapes; thereafter we beckon it with two fingers.

Designed by Dika Eckersley. Printed by Thomson-Shore, Inc. Parallel English and Yoruba. Includes bibliographical references. Proverbs, Yoruba.


Most countries and continents of the world have their proverbs and wise sayings. In Africa, it is the same and African proverbs are the pride of the African culture.

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