11 plus synonyms and antonyms list pdf

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11 plus synonyms and antonyms list pdf

21 Essential Vocabulary Words For The 11+ Exam — The Tutoress

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Learn 150 Common Synonyms Words in English to Improve your Vocabulary

II. Title: Five hundred and one synonym and antonym questions. III. Title. . For example, make a list of all . b. jovial means good humored or merry.

List of 400 English Synonyms & Antonyms – Practice to Beat Competition

The meaning of Synonyms and Antonyms is quite simple. The term Synonyms refers to the word or phrase that is exactly same in terms of meaning, quality and idea. Whereas the Antonyms is the word opposite in meaning, quality and idea of another word. Below we have given the complete Synonyms and Antonyms list for competitive exams from where you can boost up your knowledge and get splendid up in English Vocabulary too. Check out the complete Synonyms and Antonyms Word list from the table given below -.

What is a Synonym?

Synonyms: Learn 60+ Synonyms in English to Expand Your Vocabulary (Part I)

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Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, such as 'on' and 'off'. The opposite of 'right' is 'left'. The opposite of 'antonym' is 'synonym'. Numerous words in the English language have an opposite, but not all of them. If you think of the word 'apple' there isn't an antonym of this word. If you want to be a writer of any kind you'll need to have a good vocabulary. Using an alternative and maybe more unusual word will enhance your writing.

We believe our vocabulary list to be the best and most extensive of any list out there and is best suited to help your child develop. You can find information further down this page about the list. This vocabulary list includes words that have come up in previous exams or words which publishers have used in published tests. The list also includes some of the more difficult words that are part of the current national curriculum for year six. Finally, the list includes words which are in the top most commonly misspelt words. Where a child cannot spell a word accurately or cannot accurately define it then mark it as needing work. Use the vocabulary development sheet to write them in.

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  1. Help your child learn the 11+ CEM vocabulary with these synonym and antonym examples. Print off the PDf and practice with your child today.

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