Light shape and sound signals pdf

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light shape and sound signals pdf

(PDF) Vessel lights day shapes and sound signals VBSH | Mark Anthony Campo -

For example, a sailing vessel, must keep clear of a vessel constrained by her draft. But how does she know that this is so? It becomes easy once we realize that the vessel constrained by her draft and the sailing vessel must both display typical lights and shapes. The heights and arcs of visibility of each light are prescribed under the rules, and are subject to survey and approval during the construction of the ship. The distance at which each light can be seen at sea is also fixed; for example, a masthead light must be visible at six nautical miles. This is true for all lights, shapes and sound signals for all ships worldwide. A normal power driven vessel displays click on any image to enlarge.
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Lights,Shapes & Sound Signals

Home Nav. The Internet Content Rating Association has labelled and checked the content of this website. Power driven vessel underway , shorter than 50 m. Abeam, port side note that often a fifth round white light in the center is added. Abeam, port side Optional white light if shorter than 50 m. Ahead Optional white light if shorter than 50 m.

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  2. Minimum ranges at which lights can be seen refer to conditions on a dark night with a clear atmosphere.

  3. The poster shows the the lights and shapes and sound signals of vessels from ahead, astern and alongside giving explanation of their meaning.

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