What is booking status and current status in irctc

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what is booking status and current status in irctc

PNR status and PNR status Prediction of IRCTC PNR online - Confirmtkt

Ever wondered how the digit PNR number is generated? Or what do the digits indicate? The Indian Railways passenger name record, also known as PNR, is a number that gives a variety of travel information to ticket-holders. The PNR status includes information such as the booking status - whether the ticket has been confirmed, it is on waiting list WL or it is under reservation against cancellation RAC - apart from giving basic information on arrival and departure time of trains. The PNR status has details of the coach and seat number and the fare paid by the passenger, among other details.
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All about train ticket and berth status

Waitlist information, if applicable. RAC Reservation against cancellation , if applicable. CNF Confirmation of ticket without any seat number. Final seats are shown after chart is prepared in such cases. Journey Time.

It also contains the itinerary for the passenger, or a group of passengers travelling together. The PNR status refers to the booking status of the train ticket. It states whether the ticket has been confirmed, on waiting list WL or is under reservation against cancellation RAC. The online PNR status also provides the coach and seat number, and the fare paid by the passenger apart from the basic information about arrival and departure time of trains. The PNR number of a ticket is generally printed on the top left corner of the ticket. If it's an e-ticket, the PNR number is, however, printed in a separate cell.

Train PNR Number

The advance booking for indian train ticket opens days before the date of journey. The ticket also contains all the other journey details like train number, journey date, travel class, origin, destination, ticket status, berth details for confirmed tickets, passenger details etc. Maximum of six passengers can travel through one ticket. But just having a ticket does not guarantee that your journey is confirmed. It all depends on the ticket status. All the passengers in a ticket are assigned a ticket status which can be waiting WL , RAC a half berth , or confirmed full berth.

At the time of booking your ticket might be on the waiting list which means your ticket has been booked but you have not been assigned any seat or berth. Waiting list tickets may get confirmed on future before the train departs, it depends on how many confirmed tickets are cancelled or additional coach has been added. You can track your current status of waiting list train tickets using your 10 digit PNR number, mentioned on your ticket using Confirmtkt website. Additionally, you can check the chances of getting your waiting list tickets getting confirmed using Confirmtkt PNR Status prediction. Upcoming Dushera and Diwali festival on Friday 8th October and Tuesday 27th October, tickets can be booked on ConfirmTkt App with all available alternates option and confirmation prediction. We have upgraded our servers to handle the festival rush.

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