Sense and sensibility book club discussion questions

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sense and sensibility book club discussion questions

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen - Reading Guide: - Books

Critics have claimed that the whole plot of Sense and Sensibility depends on the tension between what is concealed and what is shared with others--the private and the public. Do you agree with this statement? Secrecy and concealment are very important themes in Sense and Sensibility. The attachments that form between the men and women in the novel usually begin in secrecy and only later become known to the public. For example, Lucy and Edward are engaged for four years before Lucy's older sister accidentally reveals this news to the public, and Colonel Brandon had been secretly in love with a woman named Eliza Williams before his father learned of the relationship. Marianne's relationship with Willoughby remains somewhat of a mystery because Marianne does not reveal any of the details to her mother or sister.
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Sense and Sensibility

We learn that the late owner has bequeathed the property to his nephew, Henry Dashwood, since he himself was unmarried and without children. Who are its members? The novel tells the story of two sisters who at first appear to be more different than similar.

Sense and Sensibility

Sign up for our newsletters! As the title suggests, Sense and Sensibility is, in some ways, a debate about the principles of rationalism, represented by Elinor Dashwood, and those of Romanticism, represented by her sister Marianne. Few Austen heroines are set up so approvingly as Elinor is. Yet novelist David Gates has described her as "ambivalent a heroine as Mansfield Park's notoriously hard-to-warm-up-to Fanny Price. One of the tenets of Romanticism is that instinct and emotion are better moral guides than reason.

Post a Comment. Which one do you sympathize with more? I know I'm an "Elinore" but I've always admired Marianne, always admired her free spirit. Austen, instead, wanted her female readers learn from both of them. Balance in on e word.

Post a Comment. Hello fellow book clubbers,. I am so excited and proud of us for finishing our second Jane Austen novel!!! It is such a great feeling and still an honor to be reading her work. Below are the questions to answer about Sense and Sensibility.

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John Dashwood promised his dying father that he would take care of his half sisters. But his wife, Fanny, has no desire to share their newly inherited estate.




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  1. Our Reading Guide for Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen includes a Book Club Discussion Guide, Book Review, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio.

  2. READERS GUIDE. Questions and Topics for Discussion. 1. Sense and Sensibility begins with a short history of Norland Park, the Dashwood family's estate.

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