Living books just grandma and me v2

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living books just grandma and me v2

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Thanks Wanderful! The app includes the original story, which you can have read to you, or which you can explore via extensive interactivity. Nearly every object on every page is interactive in some way, and each reacts to touch in a thoughtfully-designed manner. These elements come alive, interact with other on-screen elements, and interact with the story itself in a logical and appropriate way. Words are interactive, too.
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Playthrough: Just Grandma and Me V2 - Part 5

Demonstration Disk Guide Version 2.

Just Grandma and Me

All of the games have the option to either have the story be read to you, or to play the story and then allow you to click anywhere to bring inanimate objects to life. Pretty much everyone who played the games went with the latter option. They are notable for featuring Easter Egg -laden stills of each page. For books that are actually alive, see Books That Bite. Community Showcase More.

Quick links. Forum rules. It's time to relive your childhood memories or memories of your children! The sadly now grown-up ScummVM team no longer has all of these games lying around, so we need your help in testing the games to weed out any remaining bugs. We hope to support the rest of the games in the future, but in the meantime, we hope that these are enough to keep our loyal users occupied. Be sure to grab a daily build when testing. If you spot any bugs while enjoying these classic interactive stories, we'd really like to know.

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Living Books: Just Grandma and Me - Part 2 - Read and Play (Gameplay/Walkthrough)

The Living Books samplers were either standalone CD-Roms given away for free in magazines and the like, or built-in catalogs with the games. They would allow you to sample a page of each product out at the same time. The stand-alone CD samplers were sometimes included with the games themselves, but most of them had them built in. Unlike the standalone demos, English is the only language that can be tried on each of the titles with the exception of Just Grandma and Me V2, since it allows you to swap it with a UI in-game , and the Read to Me function is excluded. Every sampler opened with Simon telling the user:. I'm your host, Simon. Welcome to the Living Books Sampler.

Arthur's Teacher Trouble. One sunny day, Little Critter and his grandmother went to the beach. When they arrived, Little Critter tried to set up the beach umbrella, but was lifted up into the air by the strong winds. The lifeguard blew his whistle and motioned him to come back down, and Little Critter and the umbrella landed down onto the ground. He decided to fly his kite instead, but it accidentally landed onto the mother cow's head.

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