Hidden figures book quotes and page numbers

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hidden figures book quotes and page numbers

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Board of Education of Topeka established that separate was in fact not equal, and before the poetry of Martin Luther King, Jr. For a group of bright and ambitious African American women, diligently prepared for a mathematical career and eager for a crack at the big leagues, Hampton, Virginia, must have felt like the center of the universe. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other Hidden Figures quote. The black female mathematicians who walked into Langley in would find themselves at the intersection of…great transformations, their sharp minds and ambitions contributing to what the United States would consider one of its greatest victories. But in , America existed in the urgent present. Dorothy worked as a math teacher….
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Summary of Margot Lee Shetterly's Hidden Figures

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18 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Hidden Figures

State Trooper: Not a great place for the three of y'all to be havin' car trouble. Katherine: We sure do. We're just on our way to work. At Langley. NASA, sir.

Not told as a separate history, but as a part of the story we all know. Not at the margins, but at the very center, the protagonists of the drama.
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Hidden Figures

Entering the derby was tantamount to believing you had a shot at victory, as much or more or the parents as for the racer. The electrified fence of segregation and the centuries of socks it delivered so effectively circumscribed the lives of American blacks that even after the current was turned off, the idea of climbing the fence inspired dread. The speed of sound, about miles per hour at sea level in dry air at 59 degrees Fahrenheit, varied depending on temperature, altitude, and humidity. It was long thought to be a physical limit on the maximum speed of an object moving through the air. As an airplane flying at sea level in dry air approached Mach 1, or percent of the local speed of sound, air molecules in front of the flying plane piled up and compressed, forming a shock wave, the same phenomenon that caused the noise associated with the crack of a bull whip or the firing of a bullet. But on October 14, , pilot Chuck Yeager, flying over the Mojave Desert in an NACA-developed experimental research plane called the Bell X-1, pierced the sound barrier for the first time in history, a fact that was corroborated by the female computers on the ground

Henson crossed gender, racial, and societal lines in a time where African-American women were considered second class citizens. With a story like this, you know Hidden Figures has to be chocked full of leadership lessons. As Katherine Goble was growing up, her teachers saw something special within her. They knew she was brilliant. There was a problem.

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