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take your money and run book

Take Your Money And Run!, Book by Alex Doulis (Paperback) | overtheroadtruckersdispatch.com

Click to view. The publishing of the Paradise Papers revealing the offshore structures of 3, Canadians has lead to an astonishing zero pursuits by CRA because the structures are all legal. Sorry all you lefies out there. To quote Zorba the Greek "Wife, house, kids, the whole catastrophe". The thieves you have to worry about wear suits and are armed with writs.
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Cuff The Duke - Take My Money and Run (Official Video)

Alex Doulis has worked as a mathematician and in the investment industry. Though a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, he has spent the past 10 years living tax-free on his yacht in the Mediterranean and traveling.


I'm passionate about small businesses, and my work has appeared on broadcast TV, cable, radio, digital platforms, and in print media. I write for several business publications, and speak at events about business capital. As an entrepreneur, former economic-development professional, and small-business advocate, I know the challenges entrepreneurs and small businesses faces. I've worked with hundreds of businesses to help them grow. But often the biggest obstacle is a lack of a capital.

The solution is admittedly radical since it involves severing all ties with Canada. But for those willing to do this, the arithmetic is compelling. The key point is giving up your residency, NOT giving up Canadian citizenship. In most countries, including Canada, taxation is based on residency. The prominent exception is the United States, where taxation is based on citizenship.

My first book, The Border Guide , is now in its 11 th edition and a Canadian bestseller. When I saw the number of Canadian baby boomers retiring was up to about 1, each day, I thought it was time for a simpler more direct decision-making tool to assist Canadians in making the right choice when moving to a warmer climate and lower taxes. In it, I share with you updated information and a new prospective on how to realize your cross-border dreams!
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Now what? But this gives Gazprom access to information about the productivity of individual leases and therefore an advantage in negotiating new ones. The Petrolink team has been talking with two potential investors. After six weeks of due diligence, London Development Partners—a large, well-established venture capital firm with no experience in the gas business—offers a relatively small early round of investment without any tangible commitments to future rounds. The package is far from what the team had hoped for. Polish venture capital firm BRX Capital has been in business fewer than five years, but it has already made investments in the Eastern European oil and gas industry. BRX not only agrees to the capital structure that Petrolink proposes, it also agrees to invest both the first- and second-round equity amounts.

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  2. A Canadian's Best Tax Haven: The US: Take your money and drive! I read this book several years ago and found it a useful starting point to plan my early.

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