Cat names from movies and books

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cat names from movies and books

Meow Mix: The Most Iconic Cats in Movies - Paste

Yin and Yang. Heads and tails. Dog people, cat people. Whether man-eating lion or adorable kitty, cats have occupied important roles in some of our favorite films. Here are of the most iconic movie cats big and small of all time. When he decides to launch his superhero career, a newly suited-up Dave Lizewski Aaron Johnson , finds a lack of people to save.
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The Top 10 Cat Names in the United States!

Movies Cat Names for Boy Cats

When I discovered this, I was outraged. Fortunately the world of literature is a treasure trove of wonderful pet names. Here are a few of our favorites in each category:. Godot Waiting for Godot , by Samuel Beckett. Bartleby Bartleby the Scrivener , by Herman Melville. So, almost universally appropriate! A mischievous name for a mischievous pet.

Welcome to the most awesome cat names you will find online. Broken down into handy category lists, to make your search for the most awesome names for cats super simple. Whatever your idea of the most awesome cat names is, I guarantee there will be ideas to suit you here. Crazy names for cats can be a nod in the direction of their wild ancestors, or scrappy temperament. They can be descriptive, but they can also be funny or kind of inappropriate and totally un-cat-like! Her name is your choice, and we think crazy cat names make awesome kitty names for any of our furry pals. From well known comic book legends, to less known but very awesome characters.

Best Cat Names From T.V. – Male & Female

This list includes male cat names and female cat names, along with explanations and which types of personalities may fit best with each of these ideas! Whether relegated to the background in small parts or given starring roles, cats have enhanced our enjoyment when incorporated into the stories of our favorite movies. From evil villains to heroic saviors, cats and kittens have embodied characters that can delight, terrify or inspire us all. The Cheshire Cat in the movie Alice in Wonderland first intrigued readers in the original book by Lewis Carroll, with his wide and mysteriously mischievous grin. Delighting audiences in various formats including film and T. If you have a kitten who has a smug disposition and loves milk, cream and cheese, Cheshire Cat is a perfect name, especially if it shows signs of being amusing and perplexing at the same time. This name denotes mystery, with a teasing twist of nonchalance.

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