The hobbit there and back again book summary

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the hobbit there and back again book summary

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L ast year was the 75th anniversary of the widely acclaimed book The Hobbit, one of the bestselling classics of the 20th Century. It was also the release of the book-based film. It was an exciting year for readers and even more so for the Librarians and bookshop owners. The stores were bursting with infinite numbers of books. Sales were begun to make space on the shelves for this precious stock. I myself was a part of the giant crowd that purchased a copy of the book.
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The Hobbit. (Audiobook)

The Hobbit, or, There and Back Again

Days go by, and Bilbo and the dwarves don't hear a peep from Smaug. Finally, they decide to walk down the passage to the center of the mountain to see what's going on. But Smaug isn't home! As Bilbo goes exploring over the treasure pile, he finds the Arkenstone, Thorin's most desired treasure. The Arkenstone — a. Yes, please!

Thorin notices that there are huge flocks of birds flying to the mountain. Something strange is happening. The old thrush appears and keeps singing meaningfully at them. None of them can understand, but Thorin mentions that he can follow the speech of the ravens. But, "many are gathering hither besides the birds" The elves are marching to the Lonely Mountain in hopes of gaining a share of the treasure. And the Lake-men aren't too happy with the dwarves.

As Bilbo and the dwarves march onward to the Lonely Mountain, they reach "the Desolation of the Dragon" It's all just exposed rock. They scout around the mountain and find the ruins of the town of Dale. They eventually find the little side door marked on Thorin's map. But the door won't open, no matter how hard they shove. So Bilbo and the dwarves settle down in front of the side door to think about what to do next. It is an eerie place: "silence [reigns], broken by no bird or sound except that of the wind in the crannies of stone"

Brief summary of Chapter 3 in The Hobbit, or, There and Back.
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How It All Goes Down

It was published on 21 September to wide critical acclaim, being nominated for the Carnegie Medal and awarded a prize from the New York Herald Tribune for best juvenile fiction. The book remains popular and is recognized as a classic in children's literature. The Hobbit is set within Tolkien's fictional universe and follows the quest of home-loving Bilbo Baggins , the titular hobbit , to win a share of the treasure guarded by Smaug the dragon. Bilbo's journey takes him from light-hearted, rural surroundings into more sinister territory. The story is told in the form of an episodic quest, and most chapters introduce a specific creature or type of creature of Tolkien's geography. Bilbo gains a new level of maturity, competence, and wisdom by accepting the disreputable, romantic, fey, and adventurous sides of his nature and applying his wits and common sense. The story reaches its climax in the Battle of Five Armies , where many of the characters and creatures from earlier chapters re-emerge to engage in conflict.

Things are starting to get more classically adventure-y: "They camped under the stars, and their horses had more to eat than they had, for there was plenty of grass, but there was not much in their bags" 3. At last, a large mountain comes into view. Bilbo has never seen anything so big before, but it's only the first of the Misty Mountains. They have to get over or under this mountain range before coming close to the Lonely Mountain where Smaug is waiting. Before they reach the Misty Mountains, they rest briefly in Rivendell.

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