Pros and cons of microsoft surface book

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pros and cons of microsoft surface book

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Laptop Review - Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

In addition to reporting about technology as dispassionately as we can, we technology writers are also technology consumers who spend our own hard-earned money just like everyone else. I love its battery life and its keyboard, and tearing off the tablet to flick through RSS feeds and watch video feels like the future. But I also hate my Surface Book 2. Microsoft made some unfathomable decisions when they designed it, and those decisions render it far more limited than I would have ever imagined. Microsoft might fix some problems — the randomly disappearing discrete GPU and the laggy touchpad, for example — with firmware updates, but others are built in.
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Surface Book 2: 6 Month Review

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Laptop Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

When Microsoft first announced the Surface Pro, it was met with a little confusion and a whole lot of curiosity. The company rethought productivity on the go with a tablet form factor and a keyboard that doubles as a protective screen cover as well We see a lot of claims about "the power of a desktop" here at INQ, but Microsoft looks to have genuinely cracked While an astonishingly capable and beautiful device, the Surface Book 2 is too much laptop for the average buyer. But the Surface Book 2 remains No one expected it; in fact, no one imagined the premium

The computer users are really lucky, as there is a plethora of options for their grabs. Still, they look utterly confused as to making a choice. The reason is understandable and not ignorable. Not being armed with in-depth technical knowledge, most potential buyers have nil idea about what will meet their purpose and budget at the same time. This write-up is meant to guide you by offering honest reviews on the latest and most popular desktop and laptop models. With every passing day, the elite brands are unveiling more feature-rich and smart-looking models.

Each of Microsoft's laptops has its pros and cons. To help you choose, we've broken down the differences below and come up with some recommendations. It's less-speedy, though, making it ideal for casual internet use, including web browsing, email writing and social media activity. In our Surface Go review , we found Microsoft's detachable to have an impressively colorful display, a comfortable keyboard complete with a full-on touchpad, and strong overall performance for the price. However, the 2-in-1's somewhat short battery life holds it back. That's nearly half the price of the entry-level Surface Pro. Also, the Surface Go's tablet screen has pretty thick bezels, which make it look a bit outdated.


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  1. If you are a user who needs a discrete GPU for work like 3D rendering or modeling applications, but still wants a relatively thin-and-light machine, the Surface Book 2 is a great option.

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